Use of Immediate Veneer Retained Indirect Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridges in the Replacement of Failing Anterior Teeth: A Case Study Presentation

  • I Kerr Private Practitioner
  • R Blanchard Private Practitioner
Keywords: Adhesive, Bridges, Fibre reinforced, Minimally invasive


The loss of a front tooth can be a very stressful time for a patient and very few our willing to accept a gap at the front of their
smile for even a short time. This case report article looks at the use of laboratory constructed fi ber reinforced composite (FRC)
bridges to provide immediate replacement of anterior teeth. The techniques demonstrated allow the use of minimally invasive
techniques to protect the abutment teeth from iatrogenic damage whilst providing esthetically pleasing and cost-effective
solutions for patients

Author Biographies

I Kerr, Private Practitioner

Stone Rock Dental Care, Kent, UK

R Blanchard, Private Practitioner

Stone Rock Dental Care, Kent, UK


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