Role of Obesity in Chronic Periodontal Diseases: A Systematic Review

  • Amit Tirth Reader, Department of Public Health Dentistry
  • Vaibhav Tandon Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry
Keywords: Body mass index, obesity, periodontitis


Obesity has increased at an alarming rate in recent years and is the fastest growing health-related problem in the world. Obesity
is a long-term disease that develops from an interaction between genotype and the environment, obese adults have also been
considered to be at high risk for multiple infl ammatory diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and
arthritis. It has been proved that obesity contributes to an overall systemic infl ammatory state, effecting metabolic and immune
parameters, thereby increasing susceptibility to periodontal disease. Many studies on obesity and periodontal disease suggested
that they both are interlinked with each other and obesity itself has been recognized as a major risk factor for periodontal disease.
It has been found that adverse effects of obesity on the periodontium may be mediated through pro-infl ammatory cytokines and
various other bioactive substances. The present literature focuses on the possible role of obesity and obesity-related diseases
like diabetes and coronary heart diseases, as a potential contributor to periodontal disease.

Author Biographies

Amit Tirth, Reader, Department of Public Health Dentistry

Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Vaibhav Tandon, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry

Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


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